The Canal House

Location: Birmingham, UK
Use: Restaurant & Bar
Status: Completed 

Our client approached us with a site and asked us to reimagine a new vision for this former canal-side public house. Our role was to develop a story and concept for the architecture and interior design of the building.

A story was created around the engineer James Brindley. We designed a building that would tell the story of how the engineer lived his life on the canal. We wanted to take the customer on a journey through the building from his drawing office which is featured at high level from the main bar down to a vault bar at lower level which was originally a refuge space for the barge workers to seek refuge from the cold and enjoy hot food and drinks.

This was just a story. Our client loved it and the project was born.

Since its opening in August 2017 as a destination bar and restaurant The Canal House has been instrumental in rejuvenating this area of Birmingham.